All or Nothing At All… Right??

After months of planning and thinking of how I am going to create my blog, I finally sat down Memorial Day weekend and did it! I had a surprise party to attend, however when I showed up, the driveway was blocked. I was detoured to Target (true story). Can’t leave Target empty handed right? Nope, not me. I go straight to the shoe section and then the book section. That is where I stumbled upon “All or Nothing At All” by Jennifer Probst. Following day, I created this blog and opened the book. Ready for the weird, crazy, fate part? Here it is…

Jennifer Probst writes a few quotes in the beginning of the book. One from John Wayne and the other from Simone de Beauvoir. Third quote in the book- “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by its lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass”- by Maya Angelou. I sat there stunned. Here I am starting this new adventure at the age of thirty two and it felt like the right moment. But wait, it gets better… She dedicates the book to all the young women in her family, especially her nieces. Her nieces names are: Taylor, KAITLYN (my name and spelled the same), Amanda, and Anna (names of my best friends). Weird, right? So yes, I picked the right book for the right moment. And this is my moment.

I want to share with my followers ALL the books that I read. “All or Nothing at All” is a wonderful book. I don’t want to give much away to you because this is a must read for anyone that doubts themselves to give their all and to go out in this world and kick ass. Other books I will share more in depth with you but this one is dear to me.

All or nothing at all… Right??

Giving my ALL to this blog.




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