About Me :)

Hello everyone,

As promised in my newsletter, every Wednesday I will post something about me. Today, I will start off with my awesome family.

I grew up in a town outside of Pittsburgh… Steeler fan of course ­čÖé I am the baby of four- Raymond, Kimberly, and Kenneth. My amazing sister who is also my best friend named me after her Cabbage Patch doll and my father had no clue on how to spell it. However, he came up with Kaitlyn. I was a very lucky girl to grow up in my household of having older siblings and awesome parents. We didn’t have much but we had each other no matter what. Unfortunately, we lost my oldest brother Raymond (when I was thirteen) and my father (when I was twenty-three). With these tragic accidents that happened in my life, I have come to learn that life is short and to live like every day is your last. My mother is the best person in the world. She is beautiful and the strongest woman I know. I have a crazy 91 year old grandmother who is very close and dear to me. We always have great conversations in her hot kitchen with an ice cold beer (YES, she still has a beer a day). My beautiful sister blessed me with two nephews, Dominic and Alan and a more beautiful niece Julianna (she looks like me). My brother Kenny blessed me with two gorgeous nieces, Abigail and Cora Rae. One has eyes as blue as an ocean and the other as green as a forest. I am very lucky to have my brother-n-law Jason and my sister-n-law Clarice as a part of my life too. They are more of a brother and sister to me. That’s my family and I am bless everyday that I have them in my life.

IMG_1223┬áKenneth, Kimberly, my mom, and Me ­čÖé

IMG_1221 Nieces and Nephew with their grandmother.

IMG_0853Abigail, Dominic, Julianna, Cora, and Alan

That is my family and I am so happy to have each and every one of them in my life! (I stink for not having recent photos of my brother and sister n law, sorry guys)

Because of them I started this blog. They gave me hope and a push that I needed to reach and achieve one of my goals and I thank them everyday.

Next week, I will post about my favorite books and share about my cute and wonderful boyfriend Eric.

Talk to you guys on Friday for Flirtation Friday!



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