Flirtation Friday- Be My Reason

Happy Friday!  How was everyone’s long week? It was definitely a long week for me and I couldn’t wait to relax for the weekend and read. However, my awesome boyfriend Eric dragged me straight to the Farm after work to spend the weekend. Now I am sitting on my beautiful deck enjoying a beautiful view writing my blog. Relaxing right?


My Flirtation Friday pick is: Be My Reason by Samantha Christy.


Fun little conversation I had about this author- I have an after school job where I work with children (homework help, games, etc.) The person that works the front desk was telling me about reading a series of book from Samantha Christy. I started to tell her how much I love to read books and recently just read a book by that author. She ended up suggesting more books to read and I ended up sharing with her this book. She immediately downloaded it on her Kindle. Now I want to share it with you for Flirtation Friday.

Brooklyn and Nate attend the same high school, attend the same party, but didn’t share the same group of friends. Brooklyn is shy with a crush on a boy. Nate is popular with no worries in the world. They end up at the same party not realizing that their night will end with falling in love under the stars making promises to each other. But… Nate and his family up and leave the next day without Brooklyn ever knowing until Monday at school. Her heart is broken along with broken promises. Years later he reappears…

Yes, I am leaving you with that. You need to read this book to find out what happens to Brooklyn and Nate and how they reconnect. But know this… there will be tears and sadness, there will be laughter, but more importantly there will be hope. Always have hope in finding your one true love. I know I did.

I hope you enjoy this weekend read as much as me. And remember, send me an email or message me on Facebook (Kaitlyn Merks), Instagram (CuddleMeBooks), or Twitter (@BooksCuddle) on suggestions for my weekend read.  I am currently reading the series- Never Let You Go by Monica Murphy. I will post a new blog to you on Monday and have a fabulous weekend!



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