Happy Hot Monday!

How was everyone’s weekend? I hope you stayed hydrated and cool, especially today my Pittsburgh friends. It is going to be a hot one!

Changing up my usual Monday posts because I am reading a series book. The usual Monday post is me following up with a book that I just read. Since I haven’t finished the second book, I decided to follow up with a few other things.

I just finished up Never Tear Us Apart by Monica Murphy, however there is a second book that follows it called Never Let You Go. Before I write about Never Tear Us Apart, I wanted to finish Never Let You Go and combine the two together. Have you read this series? So far after finishing the first book, I have mixed feelings about both characters. Now I am more eager to start the second book to see if my feelings will change (future post about this series-coming Next Monday).

Two things I want to write about today- My upcoming Book Club and overwhelming of books.

First, I recently started a Book Club. I asked a few of my closest family and friends if they would like to be a part of Book Club and I quickly received ten yeses! My excitement grew! Here I am sharing my love for books and my family and friends want to be a part of it. My heart exploded. Not only do I have a solid group, but they are telling this person and that person and by next month I might have ten more yeses. My excitement is now  through the roof. I have so many ideas on Book Club giveaways for the near future and expanding my Book Club to all of you. Thank you to my closest family and friends for participating in something with me that I love so much… BOOKS!

If  you are interested in joining my Book Club please contact me. I would love to have you on board 🙂

Book Club pick for June/July- At The Heart Of It by Tawna Fenske

Email- kaitlynmerks@gmail.com

Facebook- Kaitlyn Merks

Instagram- CuddleMeBooks

Twitter- @BooksCuddle


Secondly, for my fellow readers and bloggers out there, did you ever feel overwhelmed by how many books you are excited to read? Yesterday, I am scanning Instagram (great place to find good reads) and I find a book that seems interesting. So of course, I screenshot it and it goes directly to my photo library. I go to my photo library not realizing that there are over thirty books that I am interested it. I am reading a series now and still need to read my Book Club book, but I am overwhelmed by the number of books I am excited to read. This is a good overwhelming feeling not a bad one. But my main point is this- how do you pick and choose which one you will read next? Do you stick with authors that you are familiar with or do you pick an author you never heard of? Do you stick with what you are more comfortable with or branch out into something so different? I am a mix of both. I always favor more towards authors that I have already read and stick to the bad boy billionaires (YES.. my favorites- don’t judge LOL). Now, I want to hear from you and your thoughts and favorites. My plan is this… I am going to sit down and make a list of the top ten books from my photo library that I want to read next. I am going to try and accomplish all ten books by the end of summer and change up my usual picks. Any one else want to take on the challenge with me?

Top ten books coming soon… I need time to think.

If you have a list, send it over. I would love to see your top ten picks.

Have a good Monday everyone 🙂




Snapchat-310165885922188357 (picture taken on a very hot day last summer… stay hydrated and stay cool)

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