Never Tear Us Apart

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! My weekend was filled with a graduation party, baby shower, the Farm, and ended it with seeing Jurassic World. Anyone else see it? I thought it was pretty good and even jumped out of my seat a few times. But I also get scared easily.

I finally finished reading Monica Murphy’s Never Tear Us Apart series. It was a two book series that did take me two weeks to complete. (I told Eric we needed to pause Vampire Diaries for a bit.. we were becoming freakishly obsessed) So my main focus this past week was to finish this series and work on promoting more of my blog. I really hope I am reaching you book lovers out there.

On to the books… This was definitely a darker read than my usual reads. It involved child abductions, rape, and murders. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the two characters at first but grew to like them in the end. Katie was abducted from a boardwalk by a man. He kept her in a shed where he raped her. Will is the abductor’s son and saves Katie by helping her escape to the police station. Years go by and Katie goes back to the boardwalk to overcome her fears. However, she is saved once again by Will (who changed his name to Ethan) when some young boys try to take her purse. But she doesn’t know that Ethan is Will. After all, he knows exactly who she is.  They began to have a friendship based on lies but their feelings for each other are very true. Will they finally be honest with each other on who they really are or will their pasts haunt them?

Find out by reading the series Never Tear Us Apart by Monica Murphy.


I wasn’t 100% into this book because of my busy schedule the last two weeks. Nonetheless, it was still a good read and hope you enjoy it as much as I did even if you aren’t into a darker read like this one.

For Wednesday, I will continue to write About Me and give you my ten books I will read by the end of summer challenge. Who is taking on this challenge with me?

See you on Wednesday!



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