Flirtation Friday- Seven Nights to Surrender

I am so ready for Flirtation Friday especially because I have a hot date tonight. However, I need to prepare you for Flirtation Friday because it’s going to be a very hot weekend. You will need something to read by the pool or sitting inside in the air condition cuddling up with a good book.

Flirtation Friday pick is- Seven Nights to Surrender by Jeanette Grey
I went through my library at home and stumbled upon this book. And the very first thing that I thought of was Yes! Let my readers travel to Paris for a week, meet a hot man, let loose, and get tangled in the sheets!
Sometimes in life comes problems whether its financial, love life, work, taking kids to sporting events or even death. And in that time we always think… I wish I could be some where else. I wish I could be at the beach or maybe… Paris. That is why I am recommending this book for this weekend.
Sporting events are taking over your life (Yes, Kim I am thinking of you),  in-laws came in for the weekend, preparing for the Fourth of July, work is driving you nuts, and Pittsburgh friends- the 90+ degree weather this weekend. Well sit back and fall in the love with the characters Rylan and Kate that will have you wishing you were in Paris. During the day, Rylan shows Kate the world of Paris. At night, Rylan shows Kate how to get down and dirty in the bedroom. Only problem… Rylan has secrets and Kate is trying something new for once in her life. Will Rylan’s secrets eventually come to the surface?
There is a second book called Eight Ways to Ecstasy. 
Will Rylan face the truth and return back to America or maybe back to Kate…?
When the second book came out, I might have read a chapter and something else caught my eye. So I am super happy that I stumbled upon this in my library and will read in the near future.  Plus I am dying to know what happened to Rylan and Kate!


A little feedback whether its on here, Facebook, or Instagram…

Do you enjoy my Flirtation Friday blogs? Is there anything else you want to see on here or want me to change? I love doing this but I also want to reach out to my readers so please tell me if there is something else you would want me to post. I’m all ears 🙂

Go enjoy your weekend. I will talk to you on Monday for blog on a book I couldn’t put down. (Hint- it was a book that was delivered in my June BookWorm Box… any guesses?)




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