Book OR Technology?

Happy 4th of July! How was everyone’s holiday? I had a great holiday spending it with Eric’s family and staying in the air condition. We missed the fireworks! Yes, I’ll admit. We did spend most of our evening watching Vampire Diaries. Obsessed! Has anyone read the books? I am going back n forth if I want to read them or not. Maybe for Halloween…?


So my BIG topic this week is… do you read on a NOOK/Kindle/Phone/IBooks etc. or still buy paperback books? I wanted to ask this question because I was mainly curious on how everyone reads. I am torn between the two and probably always will be.

Technology First! It is 2018 and our world is surrounded by technology. We can read where ever we go by simply pulling out our phones or our tablet. And when I started reading again, that was me. My NOOK traveled with me where ever I went (and it still does). Always reading on the go! Eric bought me the Kindle for Christmas because many books that I wanted to read weren’t available at Barnes and Noble. Thank goodness for Amazon. I have both my NOOK and Kindle with me every where I go.

Now to paperback. Since having my NOOK, I still would buy a paperback book here and there. However, I have been buying many paperback books lately and I am not sure why. Is it the feel of them? The smell? Or maybe, I just like seeing great books right in front of me. Plus, I like to let my  friends and family borrow them.

I have about 400 hundred books on my Nook and Kindle combined. And I have about 100 paperbacks. But my question to you is… which one would you prefer reading?

My opinion… I enjoy both but always lean more towards a paperback book. Because IT IS the feel, the smell, and seeing the book right there.

Now tell me… how do you like to read?

Have a good day and I will talk to you guys on Friday for Flirtation Friday!



6 thoughts on “Book OR Technology?

  1. I like both and tend to use my iPad for kindle the most. However, when it’s summer time I tend to use paperback books because they’re easier to read in the sun!

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    1. Warner… I have been non stop with paperbacks but enjoying a book now on my NOOK. I think next will be my Kindle. Just trying to use all three!


  2. I prefer the nook/Kindle. I can read anywhere. It makes reading in bed easier. 😁

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    1. I agree Kim! But sometimes my Nook smacks me in my face when I fall asleep.


  3. Paperback all the way! Like I told you yesterday my nook has been acting weird lately. A paperback book will never day no connection to your wifi lol, you don’t have to worry about the battery dieing on you either. I love going to the library and bringing home lots of books.


    1. I agree 100%. There is a half price book expo coming to Pittsburgh at the end of the month. I can’t wait to go grab so many paperbacks!!


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