Flirtation Friday- The Selection

Happy Friday and my vacation begins! I will be heading to Rehoboth Beach with my boyfriend and his family. I will try to write a few blogs next week to stay in touch with everyone!

My Flirtation Friday pick is an easy one. The reason I picked this one is because many of my friends and family are asking me about a great book to read while on vacation. So I figured I would share this with everyone.
Flirtation Friday– The Selection by Keira Cass
Image result for the selection
A friend of mine from my past job told me about this series. I fell in love immediately and of course I couldn’t put the book down. This series took over my life. Also, this is a Young Adult read. I shared this series with a few other people, and they also couldn’t put it down. If you like the book Divergent or Hunger Games, then you will LOVE this series. And of course,there is love involved!
This book is about a competition for thirty-five girls to win Prince Maxon’s heart. Young women are praying they get picked to be in the Selection and meet the prince. Except for a young girl name America. She already has a plan figured out for her and her family. She doesn’t want to get picked but knows it will help her family with money even if she is in love with another man named Aspen. American gets picked and is now competing for the crown that she doesn’t even want. She enters the castle, meets the prince, and is now questioning her plan. Will she stay in love with Aspen? Will she fall in love with Prince Maxon? Or will she run away from it all? Find out by reading this book!
If you are currently reading this book, comment below and tell me if you are enjoying it or not. I know my sister-n-law Clarice can’t put it down and I am always catching her reading it even when I am trying to have a conversation with her.
Well everyone, I am in vacation mode and need to finish packing up the car. Again, I will try to stay in touch throughout the week but honestly, I will be relaxing on the beach with a book.
My three books that I am bringing with me:
Burn For Me by JH Croix (Book Club Pick)
Catching Caden by Samantha Christy
All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover
I am afraid that I don’t have enough books for vacation. How many do you usually bring when you go on vacation?
Have a great weekend everyone!
Also, I updated Book Club newsletter for anyone that wants to read along with my Book Club.

2 thoughts on “Flirtation Friday- The Selection

  1. Just like Kait said, I am addicted to The Selection series!!! You never know what’s coming next. I am now on the 3rd book & have loved all three.


  2. Omg this series is amazing!! I’m on the 4th book and almost finished with it! I can’t put them down either! I knew these would be great reads for the beach


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