Vacation News and Catching Caden

So I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog while I’ve been on vacation but I needed to share with everyone my wonderful vacation news so far. (I’ll make you wait and save that for the end)

But first… I just finished two books over the weekend. I will discuss one now and save the other for next weekend. Not sure if this book was on my Summer Reading Challenge or not but I just had to read it.

Catching Caden by Samantha Christy.


One of the main things that I loved about this story was that Murphy (who is a girl)  was a very strong woman through many things. She is a struggling model living in New York city who finally landed a big job. She goes to a baseball game to celebrate and gets hit right in the face with a home run ball hit by the catcher Caden. Did I mention that she hates baseball already? Caden comes to visit “Old Man Murphy” (he thinks its an old man) when he discovers that its a beautiful girl. They become friends… best friends! However, feelings start to change and old flames come to haunt them. Will Murphy strike out with Caden? Will Caden have room for another love in his life besides baseball? Read this!

I loved this book from the beginning to end. I started reading on our drive down here on Saturday morning and finished it tonight while relaxing with my new…. FIANCE! Yes, I am engaged to my best friend Eric and I couldn’t be more happier! I knew it was coming but he kept me on my toes. So he completely shocked me when we first came to our beach house and got down on one knee. Now… I am a romantic at heart and you would think I would expect something major to happen when he proposed!! WRONG! It just being us, me not having any make up on, and us in lounge clothes was PERFECT! It was my romantic story…

And everyone… our story just begun!

img_2211(Our first picture as an engaged couple)

Eric is my baseball player just like Caden is Murphy’s!

Stay tuned for Wednesday!




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