How many books do you take on vacation?

As everyone knows, I left early Saturday morning to head down to Bethany Beach, Delaware. I just finished up a book on my Kindle and knew I would take a few paperback books with me. Of course, I finished that book in three days and posted it on Monday’s blog. But my question is… How many books do you take on vacation?

Since I was coming to the beach, I was very hesitant on bringing my NOOK and Kindle because I did not want sand in it, or to over heat from the sun. So I kept those back at home and decided to bring three paperback books.

IMG_2283 (My crazy fiance decided to buy a Boogie Board for the ocean)

Catching Caden by Samantha Christy

Burn For Me by JH Croix (Book Club book)

All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

Like I said earlier, I finished the first book in three days and I started getting nervous that maybe I didn’t bring enough books, especially because I enjoy reading on the beach. I also let my future sister-n-law Ashlee read All Your Perfects while we’ve been down here so now I am down to one book.  It is now Wednesday and I just started reading Burn For Me. Will I have enough books to finish out my vacation? I know this sounds crazy but it is making me nervous that I might have to stop at a book store and buy one just to be on the safe side. However, the next few days will be busy, so I am hoping I will be alright.

My question is… How many books do you read on vacation? Do you bring your NOOK, Kindle, or both?

Even though I am kinda regretting not bringing my Kindle with me, I am kinda happy that I didn’t! Because… I am engaged and need to spend time with my hot fiance! 🙂

Yes, I am still in my glory about being engaged to my best friend. We even started wedding planning already and set a date!!!! Ahhhh!!

Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday. I will TRY to post on Friday for Flirtation Friday.

Time to enjoy the engagement life 🙂

IMG_2267 Can’t wait to marry this man in a year!



2 thoughts on “How many books do you take on vacation?

  1. I took 6 books, finished the last one on the way home in the car. I got nervous that I was going to read them all on the beach.

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    1. Ugh and I only took half. I’m seriously so nervous that I won’t have enough!


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