Have you ever…

Well friends… work and wedding planning has officially taken over my life. Tomorrow is our first visit with a venue. I am so excited to maybe have an official wedding date. However, next month or so is going to be crazy so please stick with me.

Last week I discussed how I was in Bethany Beach with Eric’s family and I had brought three books with me. I was concerned that I would finish all three books before end of vacation. That never happened. That brings me to my choice of topic tonight (or tomorrow morning)…

Have you ever started a book but never finished it? Or started the book but some other book grabbed your attention so you started reading that book instead?

The reason why I ask this is because I just did this and I am wondering if you have done it. I started reading Burn For Me by JH Croix on vacation. I wanted to knock this book out of the way because I knew I had to read it anyways for my Book Club that will be happening later in the month. I started to read maybe fifty pages max before I decided that this book will just have to wait. Even in the car ride home, I didn’t have any excitement to read this. This bothers me. Has anyone else done this?

Last month, the BookWormBox was having a huge sale and all books were 40% off with free shipping. One of the books that I have been wanting to read called Ryan’s Bed by Tijan was on there for a great price. At Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the book was costing well over $15.00. As soon as I arrived home from vacation, I had two boxes waiting for me. My monthly subscription from the BookWormBox that had some awesome cool stuff and a paperback signed from the author. The other box was two books that I have been wanting to read. I put down Burn For Me and started reading Ryan’s Bed and now I feel guilty.

So my friends… please someone tell me that they have done this before. Do you ever go back to that book you stopped reading for another? Or do you push yourself to read it? Help me out and give me answers!!

Time to go finish the book Ryan’s Bed. I will post about it on Monday’s blog and it’s a great one!!

Hope everyone had a good Wednesday! Look for August Newsletter with upcoming events!



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