In the Heir by Ruth Cardello

What a busy week/weekend! Maybe that is why I forgot to post my Flirtation Friday last Friday. To catch you up on things.. here is what’s been going on. Last week, I helped my friend out at her Daycare while she went on a fabulous vacation. Waking up at 5:30AM everyday was not pleasant. Eric and I had to put a down payment on our venue and finally set a date. I even found my dress!! Wedding planning is coming along and I can’t wait to marry my best friend in a eleven months. Also, my brother had a summer cookout. Come Sunday and today, let’s just say that I relaxed!


For how busy I was these past few weeks, I was able to get some reading done. I finished the book In the Heir by Ruth Cardello. This book was an easy and fun read. I loved the characters in the book especially Alisha. She was strong. She was faithful. And she was caught in between a love triangle…but for all the wrong reasons and she had to escape to find out what she really wanted in life. Yet, she stood her ground and was honest to both brothers; Brett and Spencer.

Again, this book was a fun read and I read it in one sitting. And if I were to rate this book then I would give it 4 stars mainly because Alisha fell for Brett but made sure she stayed true to Spencer and herself. Do you like to read love triangles? Sometimes, I get antsy and want to flip to the back of the book to find out who she picks.

The book I am reading now is Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen. I received this book in my BookWormBox in July and couldn’t wait to start reading it. Especially because there is a half naked man on the cover! Who doesn’t love that?

Stay tuned for Wednesday friends!



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