Oh Wednesday!

How is everyone’s Wednesday? Today is my last day off and… ahhhh!!! Do I really have to go back to work tomorrow? Even though tomorrow starts the 2018-2019 school year, I do have something else exciting happening.  It is my first ever… CuddleMeBooks Junior Book Club Party!!!! I can’t wait to see the girls and talk books. (More pictures come Friday)

So today I had to go get a new picture taken for my Driver’s License since it expires soon. As I am sitting there, my number slip tells me that I will be waiting for 11 minutes. I decide to pull my book out of my purse to read. The book that I am reading is from my BookWormBox and it has a sexy man on the front. Shirtless! Usually I am not afraid to pull any book out to read but as I was sitting there observing others (which I am sure they were observing me), I noticed that there were about five others reading a regular paperback book. THERE WAS NO SEXY SHIRTLESS MAN ON FRONT COVER!

I all of a sudden felt shy. Which I never feel shame in what I am reading. Yes.. I like the dirty, smut romance novels with sexy men on the front cover. We all know this!! But why did I all of a sudden feel embarrassed?

Last week at my summer job, I pulled out the same book to read during lunch time. I did not feel embarrassed or shy for what I was reading. My co-worker said, “Did you really pull that book out to read?” I look at her confused wondering why she asked me this question. I looked down at the cover and realized that there is a half naked man on the cover. I explained to her that I didn’t care what others thought of me and the material that I read.

I have no problem reading in front of others that I know but felt embarrassed when I was out in public with people that I did not know.

I know that NOOK and Kindles are a big thing now so not many people carry paperback books in public. If you did carry a paperback book with a half naked man on it, would you feel embarrassed?

It doesn’t have to be a half naked man on the cover. But would you be embarrassed if it was something else and you didn’t want to be judged by others? Politics? Auto-biography? Sexy Romance? Anything?

I am just curious and wanted to know how other people feel when they are in public reading. I was mad at myself for putting my book away. When do I care what others think of me? Especially the book I am reading.

Image result for reading in public meme(happymemes.com)

Have a good rest of the week friends!

For Friday, I will post ALL About my Junior Book Club Party. It is going to be so much fun. If you know any children/teens that want to start a Junior Book Club please contact me at kaitlynmerks@gmail.com I would love to set it all up for you and handle everything that comes with a Book Club.

Miranda Lambert I will see you Friday night in Pittsburgh!!!




1 thought on “Oh Wednesday!

  1. The answer is always YES! That’s why I love using a Kindle. The cover if books are always silly in my opinion.


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