CuddleMeBooks Junior Book Club

My first Junior Book Club party was a success! Back in June, my niece Julianna contacted me about starting a book club with her friends. They already had a book picked and wanted me to host it since I love BOOKS! I felt honored. These girls are truly amazing and I am so proud of them for reading a 450 page book.

IMG_2480 Meet the CuddleMeBooks Junior Book Club Memebers!

IMG_2481 They picked the book Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson.

These Goofy Gals had over a month to read this book. We met at my sister’s house and had all kinds of snacks- sugar overload and pizza! It was nice that everyone brought something. I had these shirts made by The Design Coop. The girls couldn’t wait to wear them!

IMG_2498IMG_2502IMG_2499.jpgIMG_2500.jpgIMG_2501.jpg You girls ROCK!

While the girls pigged out on popcorn, gummy worms, Ranch Doritos, Root Beer Floats and pizza, I asked them different questions about the books. That’s where we started our discussion on what we liked and didn’t like about the book.

“My favorite part is when Emily reunites with Sloan. I felt happy when they were together again.” – Sydney

“My least favorite part is when Emily, Collins, Dawn, and Frank went skinny-dipping. I felt very awkward and uncomfortable. This was an experience.”- Julianna

“My least favorite part of the book was when Emily was stressing out of where her best friend was at the beginning. It didn’t have much detail and any exciting parts.”- Samantha

“My favorite part was the skinny-dipping. It was the cringy part.”– Elina

“My least favorite part was when Emily went to the party at the Orchard. I thought it was awkward and boring.”- Hannah

IMG_2487  IMG_2492 Books! Books! We ❤ Books! 

Overall, the experience was great! We discussed the book and even picked next month book. I am so happy that these young girls want to read!

IMG_2497.jpg IMG_2496.jpg

Thank you Goofy Gals for letting me be apart of your Book Club. Love you girls!

If you would like to start your own Book Club (adult or children) then I am your girl. I will help with putting it together and picking the book. And I usually come with some awesome things. You can contact me at or on social media:

Facebook– Kaitlyn Merks

Instagram– @CuddleMeBooks

Flirtation Friday pick is a new one that I just ordered from Amazon. I have been wanting this book since it was released back in May- The Controversial Princess by Jodi Ellen Malpas. I am a big fan of Jodi Ellen books and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. I will start this book this weekend and let you know all about it next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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