School Starts Tomorrow!

Over the past few days, I have been getting my classroom ready for Open House and the First Day of School. As I sit here going over everything that I have done to prepare myself, I wonder if there is more. So you are probably thinking… “What is she even talking about?” (I promise, I have a point)

I think to myself…

  • More ways to make my classroom look better.
  • More ways I can prepare my students for the rest of the school year.

Then I think to myself… what about me? Yes, my classroom is ready. Yes, I am going to prepare my students 100% for the rest of the school year. However, what about me?

Is there more that I can do for me? (Again, Kaitlyn… get to the point!!)

Did you ever think to yourself… Can I want more, do more, or be more? Even though I mold young minds everyday, but can I be more? Down the road when my blog becomes more or when I am connecting with authors more that maybe I can be an AUTHOR?!?

This is what I am talking about with more. Yes, I have established myself but why do I have to stop with that?

So my readers… one day I want to be an author! I want to write my own books with my own characters that float around in my head all the time. I know I can accomplish my dreams just like my students will accomplish the first day of school, the rest of the school year, and the rest of their lives with their goals and dreams.

Even though you might have a set job but do you have a dream to do more? I would love to hear what you want more out of life.

Flirtation Friday will be here and I am going to share a book that is totally out of my element but my sister-n-law recommended it and I am going to recommended it for you.

Special thanks to my sister Kimberly for putting the Rachel Hollis in me for this blog! Always there to tell me- “Girl, Wash Your Face” If you have not read this book or seen her movie then get on it!!

Have a good rest of the week and hope everyone has a great first day of school!

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