If you can be…

Last Friday, I posted in my blog a recommended book and a GIVEAWAY! I am keeping this GIVEAWAY open until this upcoming Friday (9-14-18).

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If you could be any character in a book, who would it be and why? 

I ask this because there are a few times where I wished I was the character. So if I truly had to pick one character then I would pick Layla Jennings from Bound Together by Marie Coulson. I have talked about this book numerous times throughout my blogs so this doesn’t surprise me that I picked her. Layla leaves her parent’s nest and goes off to college. I always stayed more local when I went to college and always wished I would have left. I would have loved to have seen a bigger campus and meet totally different people. So in a way, I envy her. When she went off to college, she immediately went to find a job in a coffee shop. I did not work. Yes, I had to practice for softball in college but I would have loved to work in a cute coffee shop surrounded by books. Layla meets new friends and two hot, sexy boys. Now, I would never want to be caught up in a love triangle but being in college is like learning to be an adult. Those are the main reasons why I picked her.

My second pick would be Julia Mitchell from Dante’s Inferno by Sylvia Reynard. I have sat here and thought about this for a few minutes and I come up with nothing. Not sure why she would be my second pick but I always thought she was very strong woman!

Now who would you pick and why?

I am curious to see if anyone would pick Anastasia Steele from Fifty Shades of Grey! At some point in time, we all have dreamed what it would be like to be her. ME included!!

There are a few new releases out that I have been wanting to read. If you haven’t already, DOWNLOAD Block Shot by Kennedy Ryan. I did this last night and I can’t wait to start this book- This will probably be my weekend read and Flirtation Friday pick!

Image result for block shot kennedy ryan (Picture by GoodReads)

My next two books that I have and need to read ASAP are:

From Here to You by Jamie McGuire

This is Dangerous by Kennedy Fox


There are a few other books that people are talking about from Kennedy Fox. In my next blog, I will write about books that my blogger friends are reading and books that are being most talked about. From there, I will write my list of books that I tend to read by Christmas. Should my number be 20 books?

Have a good Monday!



1 thought on “If you can be…

  1. This is such a hard question! I can’t even think of one character that stands out that I would want to be. Katniss is brave, strong and supports her family but she is put is awful situations that I really don’t want to be her. I’ll keep thinking…


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