Almost Birthday Time!

Hey Everyone!

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be thirty-three years old. I am blessed to see another birthday. I know 33 is going to ROCK!

How was everyone’s weekend?

Sad to see the weekend go. I enjoy waking up in the mornings, drinking a cop of coffee, and watching some TV without having to rush out the door for work. I know we all feel that way.

I just finished Keeping Him by Kennedy Fox and I LOVED IT!!! In the next few weeks, I will order the rest of the series about the Bishop brothers. Usually in books, there is always a twist towards the end OR something happens and they have to find each other again. In Keeping Him, it wasn’t like that all. It was an all around a romantic novel. I loved every minute of reading it and recommend it to all my readers out there.

IMG_2708 I mean look at this COVER! It is such an amazing cover to look at. And I wasn’t afraid to read it while I was getting my toe nails done this weekend either.

I am switching up my usual romance genre taste to a book called Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake. The first few pages so far were very confusing. Many different characters in the beginning so I am trying to piece everyone together. I am hoping to share this book with you by the end of the week. Then I might have to go back to some more Kennedy Fox.

I have come to realized that I am book overloaded right now. Which doesn’t bother me because who doesn’t love to have many books to choose from? However, I have books that I want to read right this minute and then I have books in my Amazon cart that I want right now! I had to put myself on some kind of restraint to read what I have now and then get the other ones I want later.

Do you have many books to choose from? Or do you read and then buy/borrow a new book after?

Does anyone use a library? I have noticed a few of my readers still going to the library to borrow books and I think that is so cool!

Alright readers, it’s time to get ready for the work week. Plus, I have a wine party that I am hosting on Thursday. Books and Wine ALLLLLL Weekend!!!!!!

Have a great Monday 🙂



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