What is happening?

Hey everyone!

First thing first- My next blog will be out on Saturday. My Book Club party is Friday so I want to deliver a blog about that. I am super excited because I have some new things planned for Book Club.

So I have a confession… Kennedy Ryan sent me Flow and Grip and I dove right into them. I put Three Dark Crowns on the back burner. I am trying out new genres and I wasn’t getting in it that easily. I’ve only made it to Chapter 4. Anyways, I promise I will get back into it this week. Eric is gone for the weekend on some hunting trip with the guys, soooo my weekend is open with lots of reading! Oh… and lunch with my bestie S 🙂

I am still waiting my Book Crate Box. My September issue should be here by the end of this week. My items from Kennedy Fox should be here soon as well. If they are here by this weekend then you will get two blogs out of me!

It is October 1st and I wanted to create Part 1 of a TBR list.

  1. Flow and Grip by Kennedy Ryan (reading now and almost finished)
  2. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake (started reading and will finish this weekend)
  3. Cruel Prince and The Wicked King by Holly Black
  4. Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian

That is my list right now. I am going to finish up the romance this week. Then the rest of the month will be a different genre from romance. It is October right? Which means something different, dark, maybe even scary. If I finish these books quickly then I will add more to the list.

Does any one have any recommendations to add to my list? I need some good recommendations!

Off to relax and watch Vampire Diaries because I have been neglecting Damon.



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