My Friday Night is ALL Booked!

Book Club Party number 2 in the BOOKS! It was so much fun to see the girls and talk books.

This month’s read was Be My Reason by Samantha Christy. I have read this book a few months back and fell in love with it. I recommended it for this months Book Club and the girls fell in love with it too. Great job Samantha!

IMG_2871 (1)Wine and Samantha Christy… great Friday night!

First off… my Friday was very hectic! I realized that since I updated my IPhone some features stopped worked. So before Book Club Party, I had to drive to AT&T Store to have them fix it. WHAT A BUST!! I have to spend my Saturday at the Apple Store for someone to tell me it is my fault. Then I had to drive straight to Book Club and all that stress on my phone didn’t seem to matter. I was surrounded by a group of girls that love to read and hang out drinking wine! 🙂

We all met at my sisters house at 6:30PM. Everyone brought desserts while my sister prepared the small appetizers. We popped open wine and start talking.

My last Book Club Party I was very well prepared. This one.. not so much. But with the group of girls that are part of my Book Club made things so much easier for me. Thank you girls 🙂


My future mother-n-law had a great time discussing how hot Nate was in the book. And she won a book with a sexy man on the cover!

IMG_2882My future sister and mother-n-law! Love you guys!!!

Back to the Book Club…

One thing that I love to do is have the girls write down their favorite part from the book. Here is what they had to say about Be My Reason.

“Be My Reason was a fun book to read and I couldn’t put it down.”– Kim

“My favorite character was Emma because she didn’t give a shit about anything.”- Clarice

“I liked when she say him for the first time since the first time and ran away in the parking lot.” AND “My favorite character is Nate- I feel like he grew up a lot.”– Warner

“My favorite part is when Nate came back in her life. Happy endings all makes me happy (tears).”– S

“My favorite part was Brooklyn and Nate’s first night together.”– Maxine

“My favorite part was when Brooklyn decided to be with Nate and raced down the highway to catch him after she told him to leave. She needed gas and pulled over at a gas station and Nate was there.”– Ashlee

IMG_2870.jpgGreat Job Samantha Christy!

Our next book club will be in the beginning of December and of course Holiday themed. We are even switching up genres and going with a young adult fiction- Cruel Prince by Holly Black. The girls were able to pick from three different books and most voted for Cruel Prince.

Here are a few more pictures of Book Club Party!

IMG_2873October Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Save the Ta Ta’s

IMG_2885Wine and Dancing!

IMG_2883Friends are the BEST!

IMG_2886Sisters posing!

56047931169__02143ABF-AF44-4B08-BA6E-598012AB0E3DAgain, what a fun Friday night talking about a great book and drinking wine!

If you would like to join next month’s book club, please e-mail me at

Other contacts:

Instagram- @CuddleMeBooks

Facebook- Kaitlyn Merks

Next month’s book- Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Have a great weekend!



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