What do you look for?

Hello Readers,

How is everyone’s week? I have been non-stop going and I’ve come to realize that I need a break. With the weather finally changing to fall, I can’t wait to cuddle up with a book and read. Oh.. and watch Hallmark Movies of course! Christmas movies start at the end of this month!

I remembered a title for this blog!!! Probably wondering what my title even means.

I wanted to share more information about myself and what I look for when it comes to reading and books.

What do you look for when you buy a book? Does the title grab you or is it the cover of the book? 

I would say it is both for me. Seeing a title that goes along with the book makes me want to buy the book. If the title is not appealing for example- “My Rich Baby’s Daddy” (I made that up), then I will probably won’t even look at the synopsis. Now the cover has to WOW me. I try my best not to pick up books that have a half naked man on it. I know.. I know.. What is she thinking? I just find them to be too much! However, doesn’t mean I don’t stop to read the synopsis or buy them.

What do you look for when you need another book to read? Do you go to the store and search for new releases? OR do you search on Instagram on what other book lovers are reading? 

I will say that recently I have been on my CuddleMeBooks Instagram page searching for new books to read. I follow authors and other book lovers like myself, and see what everyone is posting. It helps with a book that I am in the mood to read or find something that I may have looked past (hence, title and cover). I have been trying to take chances on different books that I would have never picked up. So far, I have been happy and grateful for the authors and book lovers on Instagram for sharing.

What other apps do you use when reading or looking for books? 

I use BookBub, GoodReads, and Google Books. I have recently stumbled upon Swoon Reads. This app allows you to read other people work and if I like it then they will publish it. I haven’t had the time to sit down and read anything yet from that site. Many authors LOVE when readers like us write reviews on GoodReads so if you like something, leave a review!

You are probably wondering why my blog today is different from the usual. I am trying to get myself out there more as in writing my blog and on social media. I want people to get to know me. What I look for when I am picking a book. But I want to get to know you. I love this blog. This blog means the world to me. I want to keep writing this blog for years to come.

So last question.. What can I do to make this blog better? What else would you like me to write about?

Before I sign off for the night. I want to update my October TBR list.

I have read Flow and Grip by Kennedy Ryan. I am now reading Cruel Prince by Holly Blake. Ash Princess and Three Dark Crowns left before the month of October.

How is your TBR list?

I will write on Saturday! One more day until the weekend!




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