Junior Book Club Party

Happy Sunday!

It’s beginning to sound like Christmas. The TV Commercials, Hallmark Christmas movies, and of course the radio. But it doesn’t look like Christmas yet (I am currently staring at a Pumpkin Lantern). However, sitting here with my niece Julianna watching the movie Santa Clause makes me want to start decorating. Love the Holidays!!

Yesterday was the Junior Book Club party and we read the book Geekerella by Ashley Poston.


img_3163img_3162 Posters that my niece and I created for the Book Club party.

This is our second book club party and I can’t express how much these girls love to read. Last party, they each were given a CuddleMeBooks Junior Book Club T-Shirt. This party, they received a book and a bookmark from me. I like to give small gifts to them because I am so proud of their reading and their dedication to the book club.

We read the book Geekerella by Ashley Poston. And of course, it sounds like Cinderella. So I came up with a Cinderella themed party for them but more teenage style. We had crowns, wands, and make-up so we can feel like a princess… even its for a few hours. The girls LOVED it! So we started off the party with dressing up and taking pictures.

img_3174   img_3179   img_3183   img_31771img_3181 These girls are so awesome!

After having fun for a bit, we decided to start discussing the book. I was overwhelmed by how much these girls want to all talk at once. We had to start raising our hands. I am happy that I gave them note cards to write down their favorite parts of the story.

“My favorite part was all the inspiring quotes!“- Sam

“I like Geekerella because it really relates to Cinderella.”– Julianna

“My favorite part was when Darien got dunked on stage.”– Elina

“My favorite part was when Elle got second place in the Costume Consplay.”– Hannah

“When Elle texts Darien Freeman!”– Sydney

All of the girls enjoyed the book but said it was a little boring.  I also agreed with them but I explained because I am not into Star Field and it reminded me of Star Wars (GUILTY- I never watched a Star Wars movie).

img_3172img_3173 Eating junk food and talking books. (I did bring oranges to look like little pumpkins)

These girls make me so happy! LOVE doing this with them.


So after all the fun and talking, we sat down to discuss what book we are going to read next. Again, overwhelmed by all the great recommendations. In the end we couldn’t decide. I need YOUR help! What book should we read next that is appropriate for young teenagers? They LOVE Romance, Mystery, and Fantasy. That means our book recommendations  were all over the place but again… I love that they read and want me to by apart of it!!

img_3182 These girls are so much fun!



Thank you for being a part of my passion- my blog and my book clubs!

I just finished up reading Stealing Sawyer by Samantha Christy so I will review that this week. And I am currently reading a series by Krista Sandor… second-chance romance. This author is new to me and I am super pumped to read her books. Thank you for giving me an advance reading copy! So far so good 🙂

Have a good day!





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