It was three days before Christmas…

Happy almost Christmas!

Has everyone finished their Christmas shopping? We are finally done. Everything is wrapped, separated, and cleaned up! Now it’s like a waiting game until we can give. That’s my favorite part of Christmas… the giving! Second favorite part of Christmas is wrapping. I promise myself that one day I will learn how to create so many cute bows. Until then, I just buy the stick on ones.

My reading update is pretty blah! I have been so busy this week and then on top of that, I ended up with a virus. We looked at a house this past weekend and had to wait to see if our offer was accepted and it wasn’t. It was total bummer but we know that our special house is out there somewhere. Getting sick totally sucked because even though I was off of both jobs, I had no energy to actually read. So yes, my reading update totally stinks! However, I always have something fun up my sleeve for you.

I am currently reading Run Away With Me by Mila Gray. I have read Mila Gray before and her books never disappoint me. Also, I am always so drawn to them. The story lines are strong with lots of feelings. I feel like I am placed in the book and feel what the characters are feeling. It is hard to find books that make you feel that you are there with them. I am half way through the book and hope to finish it tonight. I’ll keep you posted!

Next thing is this beautiful cover and book that I can’t wait to read! Check out this sexy man below!

IMG_3648 UMM… HELLOOO!!! Perfect ornament for my Christmas tree!

Bad Reputation by S.L. Scott was released December 7th and I had to have it immediately. It is a bad boy billionaire romance and I can’t wait to dive into it this Christmas break!


Being bad never felt so good. 

I fell for Ally the moment I saw her. Who doesn’t like a confident, intelligent woman with curves I could spend days exploring?

Who am I kidding?
I have. 
Many times. 

Our story ended abruptly when she packed her bags and left like we weren’t meant to be. We are. So I’m calling her bluff. That’s how I ended up thousands of miles from home, standing next to a man who claims to be her fiancé. 

Being good has never felt so bad. 

When it comes to a successful man with an incredible body and biteable jaw aka Hutton . . . let’s just say willpower is not my strong suit. 

Need more? 
Try bad-boy American. 
You’re welcome. 

Embracing my newfound good girl status, I do the right thing to start my reign. My desires no longer matter. The monarchy, the people, and my country do. There is no place for love in this new life. 

But I never expected to see him again, much less standing next to my royally appointed soon-to-be fiancé. As if that didn’t complicate things, he’s wearing a perfectly tailored tuxedo and my favorite smirk. I straighten my crown and adjust my dress, realizing this good girl never stood a chance. I’ll take the bad reputation if I get him. 

AHHH!! How great does this sound? I haven’t read a billionaire romance in so long so I am super excited to read this and drool over that gorgeous cover! Think my book club will want to read this next? Let’s hope so!

I can’t wait to share Christmas morning with you all! This blog has become a huge part of my life and I want to share as much as I can with you.

One more thing. Anyone up for a book exchange with me? Once a month, we will exchange a book with a small little gifts inside (that is something you like or about the book.. whatever you think that other people would like). This does not have to be expensive either. It can be a book that you no longer want. I’m thinking the price can be around $20-$25.00.  I am looking for two friends (to start) to start this exchange with. Just something fun for the start of the new year! If you are interested, please email me at or comment on my facebook page- Kaitlyn Merks or my Instagram- @CuddleMeBooks.

Have a good Christmas everyone!







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