Welcome 2019

Happy New Year!

The New Year is here and I am so ready to tackle it. Girl Wash Your Face just came on my door step yesterday and I am ready to wash my face and chase my dreams! This is my YEAR!

IMG_3799-1(Filters are so fun but always makes Eric look like a doll, hehehe)

Let me start off  this year by saying…. I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU!  So this blog might be a two day blog.

My topics:

  • Finished Because You’re Mine by Claire Contreras at the end of the year. It was a perfect book to finish off 2018.
  • Started/Almost Finished Say I’m Yours by Corinne Michaels.
  • Received an ARC- The Conspiracy by Kat Martin.
  • Received my first Book Exchange by Clarice.
  • Going to my first ever book signing to meet amazing authors in June.
  • I created a list of wonderful books that are releasing in January with my top 5 picks.


Because You’re Mine by Claire Contreras had me glued in from finish to end. I never get into the mafia type of book so I was quite shocked that I loved this book. The characters were fun and sexy. And the story line kept me engaged throughout the whole book. I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars!

Image result for because you're mineSuch a sexy cover!

The book I started reading right after the New Year is Say I’m Yours by Corinne Michaels. Every time Corinne comes out with a book, I have to immediately get a copy. All of her books are great with twists and turns involved. I am 75% done with this book and I keep saying to myself, “Something is going to happen! Something is going to happen!” So I am patiently waiting. If you would like to read this book, the synopsis is posted below.

Image result for say i'm yours corinne michaels


I spent twenty years waiting for Trent Hennington to open his eyes and see me. But it was all for nothing. He chose to keep himself guarded and let me walk away, proving that my time and efforts were wasted.

I’m done being invisible.
It’s time to move on.

A single dance sets my new reality into motion, and I welcome it. After all, Cooper Townsend is perfect. He’s kind, sexy, and attentive—everything a girl could want.

I thought I got it right this time.
That my heart could mend, and I would be happy.
Apparently, some things really are just too hard to walk away from. 

*** I LOVE these covers***

One of my main goals this year was to start reading Advance Reading Copies and I finally received my first paperback in the mail. Thank you Harlequin Publicity Team! I am super excited for this opportunity and for this book.

The Conspiracy by Kat Martin is released on January 22, 2019. Stay tuned for my review!

IMG_3832This book sounds amazing!

Well friends… I am off to get some lunch. I will post more tomorrow about my book exchange, January releases, and book signing that I am attending in June with my sister. Stay tuned my friends!



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