Sunday Reading Funday

It is a Sunday Funday for me since I am off work tomorrow. Which is a good thing because it is cold here in Pittsburgh!

How was everyone’s week? Of course, mine was busy! Today officially marks exactly six months until we say “I Do” on a beautiful, hot July day. I can’t wait. We even braved the cold and took our engagement photos today in the snow. It was so much fun but so hard to take the serious pictures. All we did was laugh. I will share the photos with you once I received them myself.

Next weekend is Book Club weekend. I am so excited to see everyone! Pictures will soon follow. Anyone have any book recommendations for book club?

I’m finishing up my second book read this week so I don’t have a review for you. I finished reading What He Doesn’t Know by Kandi Steiner. WOW! This book was amazing and had all the emotional feels. I am waiting to receive the second book in the series What He Always Knew. After I read that book then I will review both.

IMG_3919 This cover speaks so much with the feels in this book. Not only did the book leave me with my mouth wide open, but it left me feeling sad. I am excited to read the second book this coming weekend and give you a full review on both books.

Tomorrow morning, I will write another blog for you with my upcoming TBR list and a few books that I want to introduce to my book club. Stay warm my friends!




2 thoughts on “Sunday Reading Funday

  1. Hey I worked but it was cold as ever how was the pics nd njoy ur day off

    🌈 The Lord Is My Shepherd 🌈



    1. So cold! But they went great! I’ll send pics when I receive them. Enjoy your day off and stay warm 🙂 And thank you so much for following my blog 🤗


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