Book Clubs…. YES that means 2 :)

Good Morning Sunday!!

Yesterday was a fun filled day with books! We read through an Apple Vacation Caribbean book as we booked our honeymoon in August. So excited to be going to Aruba with my future hubby. After, we (Yes, Eric attended as well) went to my sister’s house for both Book Club Parties.

The adult book club was only my mother, my sisters, and myself. Others couldn’t make it because of the stomach bug and other prior engagements. But Book Club must go on!! We discussed the book Cruel Prince by Holly Black. I even introduced Wicked King to the ones that enjoyed Cruel Prince.

IMG_4061 We even had a Cardan candle to burn!

IMG_4066 My mom with her two girls. She couldn’t stop smelling the candle!

IMG_4070 What a GREAT book!

IMG_4072 Three generations of Book Lovers!

Thoughts on the book:

This book is so out of my comfort zone. I am a romancer! However, I loved how strong Jude was. From beginning to the end she wanted to fight for what was right. She wanted to prove time and time again that she can do it. I love a woman that can stand up for herself and for what she believes in. Plus bullies suck!

I am excited to read Wicked King, especially because I heard that book was just as good if not better.

“I loved the Cruel Prince! The book started with actions and kept me on my toes until the end. My favorite character was Jude, she is a bad ass. I love strong woman. My favorite past of the book was when Jude kicked her dads ass. He should have never underestimated her.”– Clarice (she had the stomach bug but texted me her thoughts)

“Not my type of book. I like me a COWBOY!”– Mom

“This wasn’t something that I don’t normally read. It took me a few chapters to get into it. But overall, I think the book was great. Not sure if I will keep reading the series but if I have downtime (baseball season coming up), then maybe I will pick this up.” Kimberly

Overall, I am happy we tried something different. Now on to next book club read!

We picked The Selection by Keira Cass. I have already read this book however, I think my Book Club will love this book as much as me. It is young adult fiction with a little bit of fantasy. So I am hoping it reaches every one of book club needs.

After the adult Book Club came CuddleMeBooks Junior Book Club!

IMG_4101As you can see, there were two books the girls had to read.

IMG_4089  Hannah trying to find a book for next book club.


IMG_4121These girls are amazing! I love how dedicated they are to Book Club.

Last Book Club meeting, I gave each girl a book to read. I am happy I was able to find these books because the girls ended up loving them.

Here are there thoughts:

Julianna, Hannah, and Elina read The Secret Grave by Lois Ruby.

“My favorite part is when Cady tried to kill Hannah. This part was very interesting.”– Juls

“My favorite part was when Hannah’s best friend saved her from drowning in the lake.”- Hannah

“My favorite part was when they moved into the house.”- Elina

Sam, Maggie, and Sydney read Serafina and the Twisted Staff by Robert Beatty. (Maggie and Sydney were not there).

“My favorite part of Serafina and the Twisted Staff is all the suspense before the most exciting parts.”– Sam

Book Clubs are so much fun… especially with these girls. Next months pick is going to be six different books because they are ALL going to read what they enjoy.

My nephew Alan wanted in on the fun and wanted to share his favorite books.

IMG_4081Alan is sharing his favorite Book Series.

IMG_4080Alan recommended the first book in the series to Eric.

Well Book Clubs are over for now. We will meet come March/April in my NEW House! I can’t wait to finally throw Book Club there. Stay tuned my awesome friends!









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