February Releases

Hello Friends!

It’s finally February (I am a little late) and this year has already been crazy. There has been some amazing releases in January and February. Also, there has been a closing date decided on my new house. Its all crazy! So my apologies for not writing a blog last weekend. It was a weekend of decisions and celebrating!

I was hoping to get this blog out to you last weekend but of course that didn’t happen. However, here are the February Releases that I am super excited to show you. The ones I starred are the ones that I am eager to read.

February Releases: 

  • “A Single Glance” by Willow Winters 2/3/19
  • ** “Gentleman Sinner” by Jodi Ellen Malpas 2/5/19
  • “Waiting for Willa” by Kristen Proby 2/5/19
  • “Legend” by Sawyer Bennett 2/5/19
  • “Lessons from a One Night Stand” by Piper Rayne 2/7/19
  • “Luck of the Devil” by Meghan March 2/12/19
  • “Huge Deal” by Lauren Layne 2/12/19
  • **”Igniting Ivy” by Samantha Christy 2/14/19
  • “The Risk” by Elle Kennedy 2/18/19
  • **”Tinsel” by Devney Perry 2/19/19
  • **”What He Never Knew” by Kandi Steiner 2/21/19
  • **”When August Ends” by Penelope Ward 2/25/19
  • “Tumble” by Adriana Locke 2/25/19

This list is AMAZING!

I have three Book Boxes that I should be getting this month.

  • Love at First Crate– this is a new book box that opened up their subscription in January. I should receive this book box around Valentine’s Day. I am super excited to see what this box is all about. Plus, I will receive the book “Hating to Love You” by Erin Rylie. This is her first book written!
  • MyGuiltyPlease Book Box– I subscribed to this box in September to try a different box. I have ended my subscription and waiting to receive my December box this month. I love the items that I received in this book boxes but I didn’t like not knowing when I received them. I just received my November book box in January and should be receiving my December box this month.
  •  The BookWorm Box This is my first love. I started this box subscription back in April of last year. I enjoyed receiving this purple box every month. They recently updated their subscription box to a single book box at 29.99 and a double book box for 39.99. (It was always 32.99 until change). All proceeds go to different types of charities. I love that idea!

I will start posting more pictures of the boxes that I receive and book mail. However, with purchasing this new house and having a wedding in July, I will only be receiving The BookWorm Box. But it’s always fun to see what is inside the purple box!

Last month, my sister Kimberly, my sister-n-law Clarice, my cousin Kayla, and myself participated in a Book Exchange package. I put it together by picking who will send a book package to whom. It was fun knowing that you are only spending $20.00 and will receive a surprise in the mail. How this worked was you were able to either purchase or select a book from home and add small little gifts (socks, coffee mugs, lotions, candles, etc.) and send it to the person given.

Here are pictures of what was inside. (Of course, I don’t have a picture of what I gave my sister).

img_4040 This box was sent from my sister Kim to our cousin Kayla. Inside, she received socks, a coloring book, a bookmark, and a new book!

img_4323 AHH!! One of my favorite books EVER!! My cousin Kayla sent this beautiful package to my sister-n-law Clarice. It was filled with lotions, body wash, and candle.

img_4322 I received this box by Clarice. It had a book, body wash, lotion, and pillowcase.

This was such a fun thing to do! We didn’t even spend much money on these fun book boxes.

I just finished The Kiss Thief by L.J.Shen so I will post a review tomorrow!



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