Igniting Ivy by Samantha Christy

Happy Sunday!

I skipped Flirtation Friday this week! I didn’t want to but I am in the process of boxing up all my books and reading ARC’s that I didn’t have enough time to look. I always want to make sure I am giving you a great book recommendation. However, I have something better for you on this sunny (but windy) Sunday!

As you all know from a few blogs ago, I won a signed copy of Igniting Ivy by Samantha Christy. I already owned a copy of this book, but winning a book and having contact with an author is frigging AMAZING! Yes, I jumped up and down for about an hour over winning this book.

Now… it took me a while to finish this book not because it was awful but because I have been getting my booty in shape for my wedding in less than 5 months. So all my extra time that I usually have reading has been spent on kickboxing and T-25. Down four pounds!!

Okay… Okay… I keep rambling on and on! Time for some Igniting Ivy by Samantha Christy!

WOW!! I cried throughout this WHOLE book! Which I kinda expected since I have heard so many wonderful things about it. And it was written well. Samantha did all of her research on Hawaii and New York City Firefighters. Not only that, she prepared herself to write this story on love and loss (I can’t give it ALL away). Now if you have read her Perfect Game Series with Sawyer, Caden, and Brady then they make small appearances in this book as well.

I know this book sounds sad (and who wants to read a sad story.. right?) but there is so much more to it. There is heartache, laughs, but most importantly break through. Break through on things that made us sad however, break through to make us smile.

Just get this book! I can’t wait for more of The Men on Fire Series because Samantha Christy is that good. I am so happy that I stumbled upon her books last summer and I can’t wait for more!

Image result for igniting ivy Ahhh!! That COVER!! 


They call me a hero.
I save people. It’s what I do.
It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do.

Then I meet her – the girl with the sad eyes.
She’s lost everything. Twice.
And I know she’s using me to forget her past.

Just when things seem perfect, that past threatens with the unimaginable.

They may call me a hero.
But she’s the one person I can’t save.


I have three books that I have been reading coming to you this month. One is a book that I received in my BookWormBox and the other two are ARC’s that are coming out this month.

  • Shameless King by Maya Hughes
  • Honor by Melissa Ellen (ARC- March 19th)
  • The Story of Home by Krista Sandor (ARC- March 24th)


I hope you have a great work week!




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