Shameless King by Maya Hughes

It has been a few weeks that I actually woke up on a Saturday morning and opened my lap top to write. Let me say this… I am enjoying every minute of it. I think every Saturday morning, will be just ME time!

I have finished reading Shameless King by Maya Hughes. I received this book in my BookWormBox for the month of February. The cover has this beautiful man on it with these big blue eyes (reminds me of my future hubby). So of course, I immediately fell in love. The book itself was pretty good especially when its a fun, easy reads with a good love story.

Shameless King is book one in Kings of Rittenhouse series. You meet Declan who is a flirtatious hottie! Then you meet MaKenna who is a straight A student. They cross paths in high school and then again in college. But in college, something just makes sense. However, even though it makes sense, it sometimes might not work. Find out what happens with Declan and MaKenna’s story in Shameless King!

I give this book 4 out 5 stars only because I am not a big hockey fan! Go grab a copy of Shamless King by Maya Hughes.


I am going to try and do something crazy this weekend and double read. I am going to read my Flirtation Friday pick Stone Rules by Samantha Christy AND Honor by Melissa Ellen which is an ARC. Her book releases March 19th. If you would like to read the synopsis for Stone Rules, check back to yesterday’s blog.

Image result for honor by melissa ellen


There are three reasons that will get you killed by the hands of your own family.

Three rules. 

They are simple. 
Don’t disobey an order. 
Don’t betray your family. 
And don’t touch a made man’s girl. 

For her, I’ll break them all.

I will post a review on Tuesday of Honor for her release day! Stay tuned and keep on reading!




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