Do you have a room dedicated just for books? Check my Book Room out!

It feels so good to sit in my new home and write this blog. It is so hard to explain through this blog but my excitement is through the roof. Our home became immediately comfortable! I am so happy. Now in less than three months, I get to marry the man of my dreams!

We have finished our bedroom and that is completely done. We just need to add a dresser. We aren’t touching our bathroom and kitchen. The dining room will be complete after we finish painting. All that is left (for right now) is our living room and hallway needs painted which we are hoping to complete this week.

Who has a Book Room? Do you use it as an office? Or do you put your books in your bedroom? One thing that I requested for this new house is a Book Room. I wanted it to have an adult Beauty and the Beast feel/theme.

Now check out my BOOK ROOM!


AHHH!!! I just love this. Eric wanted me to have my Book Room and it all started with this yellow chair.


After we found this chair at IKEA, we had to find a carpet that was blue and white. I wish the carpet was a little bit bigger but as of right now, it is perfect.


I started with this book case to have a Young Adult/Fantasy starting with my favorite books. The rose on the right was given to me from the person who owned this house when we bought it. I knew it would be perfect for my book room because it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast.


I am more of a romance genre reader so even though this is my young adult/fantasy, there are still romance books towards the end.


I am currently using my wedding wooden crates because I had books that need to be read! Until I get maybe another bookcase, then this is what I’ll use. But it looks decorative so I might just have to get more wooden crates.


My local Pat Catan’s is closing (it is so sad) and I found this globe there a few weeks ago. I fell in love with it and knew that it had to be in this Book Room. Since Eric and I started dating, I use Shutterfly to create photo albums of us of that year. And of course, India Caedmon’s book Stolen Words is up there because she is amazing and so if her book!


This is my Romance bookshelf. I kinda went by favorite authors/books when I was putting this together.

That is my Book Room. And I love every thing about it! I just need to complete the other half of putting in a desk.

My beautiful, amazing, loving 92-year old grandmother who is healthy as can be was able to stop up and see my house.

img_4955    img_4957

I love her so much! It means the world to me that she was able to come up and see my first house!

That is my update on the house and Book Room. Now I have to get back to reading because I am so behind!

Anything good out there that I should read? Maybe something on my bookshelves that you think I should read? Have any questions about my Book Room, comment below!




1 thought on “Do you have a room dedicated just for books? Check my Book Room out!

  1. This might be my favorite post to date! Congrats again on your new home.


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