Showers and Books!

WHAT A WEEKEND! It was amazing from START to FINISH! My shower was PERFECT and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

But first…

Samantha Christy.. I seriously can’t get enough! Her books always touch me in so many ways. I need ALL of them! Abstract Love showed so many emotions throughout the whole book. At times, I wanted to jump in and shake the characters. I wanted to SCREAM- “Tell each other how you feel NOW!” But the ending was perfect. I didn’t need to do that because after all the pain and what life throws at you.. they found each other!

Image result for abstract love by samantha christy


He can’t save my breasts.
I can’t save his voice.

But what we can do is take the scariest thing we’ve ever faced and make it better … tolerable … dare I even say … fun.

At twenty-four and facing an uncertain future, I wasn’t looking for this.
I wasn’t looking for him.
But life never asked me what I wanted.

We come from different worlds.
He’s an artist. I’m a bartender.
I wonder, however, if this horrible bond we share is enough to bridge the gap between us.

What happens if we don’t get better?

What happens if we do?

What should my next Samantha Christy book be?


What A Beautiful Shower!

My AMAZING Bridesmaids and Moms threw me the BEST Shower EVER! It was filled with so much dedication and love for ME! I can’t express or thank enough for ALL of their hard work!


Look how beautiful these decoration are! And don’t even get my started on these cupcakes! A family friend made these for the shower and they were GORGEOUS and delicious.


These ladies right here.. I have no words! They put in so much time to make this so special for me. I will never ever forget this night!

From left to right.. meet my bridesmaids!

  • Clarice- sister-n-law
  • Julianna- niece (mom is Kim)
  • Kim- she is my Maid of Honor and my older sister
  • Jess- future sister-n-law and engaged to Eric’s younger brother Pat
  • Ashlee- future sister-n-law and Eric’s older sister

These girls ROCK!


img_5078  img_5084  img_5091  img_5103  img_5144

Look at my BEAUTIFUL Grandmother who I ADORE! 92 years and old and still looks amazing!


This friendship started over 30 years ago. We have all walked different paths.. started families… new jobs.. traveled.. But no matter what… we come together for each other!


Fun Fact- I hate attention on me! So this shower was perfect because we didn’t play games… we socialized and had some drinks! I opened up these gifts with not much attention on me!

img_5143  img_5142

Again… this shower was PERFECT! Thank you to ALL my family and friends who came and showered me with these gifts to help grow our home and future together.


At the end of the night, Eric came in with the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen! Three dozen of roses!


He is so handsome. I am the luckiest girl in the world!


Our wedding is in two months and I can’t wait to celebrate with all of our family and friends.

Let our story continue!

Now… time for another book          img_5137



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