Found one- New Author Alert!

Ha! After my Monday blog, I had six books just stare at me. I left them outside on my picnic table while we cooked steaks, corn on the cob, and potatoes. Every time I walked by the stack of books, one just kept on staring at me. Like it was calling for me to read it.

Can anyone guess which one it is?

Probably not because it is one of the last ones I would have picked. However… I can’t put it down! And I have almost done with it. YES! It is that GOOD!



Best Laid Plans by LK Farlow


The summer before my senior year of high school I had only one goal: to make Alden Warner see me as more than his best friend’s annoying little sister.

Finally, my wish came true and he noticed me. In a big way. Too bad that the next morning he had no memory of our night together, leaving me heartbroken, and as I later discovered…pregnant.

For the last four years, I’ve been rocking the single mom thing, making sure my daughter comes first. In fact, everything is going fine—until Alden storms back into my life, as my new boss.

His reappearance wasn’t something I planned for. Add my nosy, meddlesome three-year-old and an overprotective brother, and I’m obviously in way over my head.

My only hope now is that I can sway Alden to see things my way…but you know what they say about the best laid plans…

Listen.. Listen.. I know what you are thinking? Umm.. how many books can she read like this? I read so many of the best friend’s brother trope. But for some reason I just had to immediately read this and I will say that I am not disappointed. It is a fun read so far so go check it out! 


Series- The Family Creed by Shauna Allen 

I was so excited to receive these beautiful books!  

Guess What?? 

There are new brothers in town and they are HOT, HOT, HOT!! Each story tells a tale about a brother. Each story leads to the mystery that left them wondering. It’s emotional, heartbreaking, sad, and there is tragedy. Although it seems that this series is gut wrenching with lots of false hope, let me remind you that there is a love story with each brother. Now to find their sister?!? Claire disappeared over ten years ago and even though many brothers have given up on her, there are some who didn’t.  It all starts with Asher the Executioner… he meets a woman who writes articles about death and mystery. She publishes an article that might help the police have a new lead on the disappearance of Claire. Will they find her? What happened to her? Start reading The Executioner by Shauna Allen. 



Five brothers.
One family tragedy.
Untold heartache. 

If you enjoy emotional, unsolved mystery with a mix of romance then READ this SERIES! 

Book  #1 The Executioner – Release Date: May 11, 2017

Image result for shauna allen the family creed


A stray bullet ended my Army career, forcing me to follow in my father’s prison guard footsteps.
My sister’s disappearance ten years ago annihilated my family, forcing each of us to find a way to cope.
But I’ve survived. Adapted.
At least until Genevieve Stone showed up, digging into the truth in the name of journalism and finding her way deep under my skin. I’m determined to do whatever it takes to find my sister, but when the case is blown wide open by the sexy reporter, I’m left with the ultimate question . . . can I trust her?
I’m a soldier, heart and soul.
I don’t do love.
War and death and pain are my church.
My name is Asher Creed.
I am the Executioner.

Book #2 The Rainmaker – Release Date: May 25, 2017

Image result for shauna allen the family creed the rainmaker


The world callously moved on when my sister disappeared without a trace ten years ago.
My life—my family’s lives—froze in grief that torturous summer day.
My soul crumbled completely, a few years later, when I buried my son.
I survive the agony by hiding it neatly beneath my businessman façade and all the accolades that money can buy.
But Harper Devlin is my Achilles heel. The one who got away . . . with my broken heart.
Now she’s back and as irresistible as ever.
I shouldn’t want her. I can’t have her. But I need her.
And she needs me. I may have to conceal all my wounds just to survive being around her again, but I’m willing to do it to help her build her dreams and her business. It’s what I do. It’s what I know. I’m damn good at it.
My name is Levi Creed.
I am the Rainmaker.

Book #3 The Gunman – Release Date: June 22, 2017

Image result for shauna allen the family creed the gunman


I’m big, I’m brash, I’m the enemy’s worst nightmare.
I have survived the Army, my job as a SWAT sniper, and undercover narcotics stings.
What I can’t seem to overcome is the pain inflicted upon me and my family when my baby sister disappeared off the face of the earth more than a decade ago.
A piece of my history is missing, and the only way to cope is by masking my agony behind smiles and laughter. But that’s the worst kind of lie because that demon still haunts me, and as we get closer and closer to an answer about our sister, I feel further and further away from my truth.
At least, until she stormed into my life, a whirlwind of bravado and sex-appeal.
Shiloh Grant is the truth I’ve been searching for all my life. She is the strong one. She is my hero.
But when evil comes knocking on her door, I will slay dragons and storm Hell’s gates to save her. Mark my words.
My name is Jamison Creed.
I am the Gunman.

Book #4 The Prodigal – Release Date: July 20, 2017

Image result for shauna allen the family creed the prodigal


I’ve always been the quiet one. The brother no one noticed.
When my sister disappeared, it was easy to disappear right along with her, losing myself to my own personal hell and hidden pain, unable to face a life that didn’t make sense anymore—unable to face a family that no longer felt whole.
I hunted and searched until I found my way out. Driven by my need to understand who or what took my sister from us, I learned all I could about the human brain, becoming an FBI Criminal Behavior Analyst. This is what has led me directly into the path of the monster who might hold the key to our family’s greatest pain . . . and straight back to the woman who I thought I’d never see again.
I met Tenley Cooper on a whim. One weekend of freedom. One weekend where I lost the pain that chained me down. One weekend that I lived the sweetest of lies—a lie that has come back to haunt me in the best possible way.
What does it take to bring the prodigal son home?
The truth.
My name is Joshua Creed.
I am The Prodigal.

Book #5 The Silencer – Release Date: August 17, 2017

Image result for shauna allen the family creed


Blind rage. Cold-hearted violence. These are my mistresses.

I’m not the man they believe me to be. I’ve contented myself with surviving. Thriving on the blood of my sport. A mere shell of a man since my twin sister was ripped from my life more than a decade ago with no sign, no trace, no clues, and no closure. Half of my soul was torn from my body in the blink of an eye, leaving me to flail in the wind as I grapple with the brutal aftermath.
The only beacon of hope, the only light that has ever shone in my dismal world, has been Eden Montes—my sister’s best friend. The one girl I could never have, but have always wanted. She’s just as fractured as I am, a broken little bird, and yet she wants to fix me.
A man one breath away from breaking beyond repair.
Can we find our way? Even as my sister’s case finally finds closure? Will it be enough for both of us to find our way out of the darkness? Because the darkness is all I know, it’s where I live.
My name is Silas Creed.
I am The Silencer.

Book #6 The Dove (novella) – Release Date: August 28, 2017

Image result for shauna allen the family creed


I am the missing piece.
The little girl lost.
The heartache that has haunted my family for over a decade—their greatest joy and their greatest pain.
Over the last ten years, I’ve lived in the memories of those I love the most, trapped in their tears, weaved into the fabric of their lives, whispering the truth to their souls.
But it’s time for me to tell my story.
It’s finally my time.
My name is Claire Creed.
I am The Dove.

How good does this series sound? I can’t wait to find out what happened to Claire. Where has she been for ten years? What happened? 

I just gave you a total of seven books to look up and read. I have been in a reading slump but that doesn’t mean you should be? So what are you waiting for? Go get your copy of this amazing, crazy series! 




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