Black and Gold Author Event- Pittsburgh

Welcome to Pittsburgh… where we are known as the City of Champions. However, today on June 8th in Pittsburgh we came together to meet AMAZING romance authors.

So let’s start with this.. it was my first book signing! I had no idea what to expect. I knew I was going to bring some books and have the authors sign it. However… I didn’t realize that when I met these authors, I would be kinda tongue tied. Thankfully, my sister was with me to snap me back to reality and hold all my book swag.


So ready and so nervous!

img_5397 I made my sister meet me at my house around 9:00 AM so we can be one of the first ones. We ended up being sixth in line and received FREE Book Beau’s. Every reader should own a Book Beau- it keeps your books safe when you throw them in your purse or book bag!

We had a game plan (another fact- you get a floor plan of where all the authors are located). We decided that we would start with BB Easton and work our way clockwise. That plan was thrown out the window because I stopped at Stacy Kestwick’s table first (she was next to BB Easton). Something just told me that I need to stop here first. She was so sweet. Oh and she had amazing book swag. I ended up buying two books- Soaked and Wet, a t-shirt that says- Eat, Read, Sleep, Read. I received a free tote that says- I Like Books Better Than People and a cool cup. Thank you for meeting me Stacy!


While I was finishing up Stacy’s table, Kim went and waited in line for BB Easton. She was one author that I was familiar with and had her books. I couldn’t wait to meet her! She was so nice. The book I brought with me for her to sign was Praying for Rain.

img_5401 There are so many ways to spell my name. Thank goodness for a name tag!


After meeting BB Easton, my nervousness started to die down a bit. But boy was I thirsty. We had to make a few stops at the refreshment stand for ice tea and lemonade.

Our next stop was Elle Christensen who also writes as Fiona Davenport (along with Rochelle Paige). I ended up buying two books from her. First one is Mafia Ties (you guys know how I love the mafia books). This one is written as Fiona Davenport. Second book I bought was Erased that is written by Elle Christensen herself.

img_5408       img_5409She explained all of her books to me and what they were. She sold me!

Our next stop was Kathryn Andrews. I was so excited to meet her because we are Instagram friends. The first thing she said to me was, “Hey! You look familiar!” Again, tongue tied for a second, I said “we are Instagram Friends!” So much fun and immediately I was drawn to her books. I ended up buying- Chasing Cloud. The cover is beautiful!

img_5416    img_5418 Thank you for meeting me!img_5415

Again, we stopped for some more refreshments and a cupcake break! Although we had only had been there for maybe 40 minutes, we had to figure out another game plan!

We decided to walk around for a bit and see more authors.

img_5412 We met Nina Bocci and I bought one book from her called Felony Ever After. This one story was written by 13 authors including Nina Bocci. The authors in this book are Helena Hunting, Debra Anastasia, TIJAN, Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward, JM Darhower, Leisa Rayven, Liv Morris, Belle Aurora, KA Robinson, SM Lumetta, and Katherine Stevens. I am so curious to read this one because so many authors were imagining one story. How cool?

The next stop was meeting author Danielle Norman. I am new to this author and couldn’t wait to learn more about the type of books she writes. I ended up picking up the book Enough. I immediately fell in love with the synopsis because a woman traded in men for a Harley! Strong Women ROCK!


We met with two more authors that I have heard of but never bought their books to read. I had to stop by and meet them.

I met Carey Heywood. She had so many books to choose from. Of course like I always do… I went with the cover that grabs me. I bought The Other Side of Someday. The series is called Carolina Days and since I lived in South Carolina before, I had to buy the first in the series.


The final author we met was Hazel James. She was just so sweet. And we also learned what a Fictosexual was. Does anyone else know the meaning of this word?

Fictosexual– Of, involving, or relating to strong emotional or romantic feelings toward a fictional character.

Learn something new each day!

I bought the book I’ll Be The One because again.. the cover! It is colorful with a burning sprinkler on it. It felt like a great summer read!


We met the authors we wanted to meet, bought the books that we wanted to read, and had so much fun!

Thank you to all the authors who came to Pittsburgh. It is a beautiful city! And you guys were nice, sweet, fun, and AWESOME! Keep writing because you have readers that can’t wait to dive into your books!

Thank you to my sister for being my wing man! For carrying my swag and taking pictures!


Now it is time for me to get to reading! I just have so many new wonderful books to pick from!


Thank you Southern Belle Book Blog Black and Gold Event for coming to Pittsburgh and I can’t wait for the next one.



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