Sparking Sara by Samantha Christy

Have you ever loved an author’s stories so much that you never read the synopsis when you purchase it? This always occur when I read books by Samantha Christy. I just KNOW it is going to be such a heart felt read.

Sparking Sara is the second book in the Men on Fire series. This story is about the struggling New York firefighter who can’t seem to get over his fear of car accidents…until he meets a girl stuck in the front seat of a car that is hanging off a bridge. He is mesmerized by her eyes that are looking back in the mirror. But who is this girl? What is her story?

AHHH! I can’t express how frigging good this book was. Samantha Christy always tells a great romantic story BUT… the specific details and the great lengths she goes to tell the story is beyond AMAZING! Remember… you will laugh, you smile, and you will cry! This book will give you all the feels and so much more!

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did! And of course… I can’t wait till the next story!

Sparking Sara by Samantha Christy




Three years of her life are gone in an instant.

Her memories of becoming a famous artist – forgotten.
Of the falling out with her best friend – lost.
Of her charming boyfriend – erased.

The doctors tell us getting Sara back into her normal routine is what’s best for her.
But what happens when she doesn’t want her old normal?

Some would say I’m trying to save ghosts from my past.
I think they’re wrong.

Maybe all of them are wrong.
Maybe the best thing for Sara is me.

Now what to read next? It is very hard to find a book to read after you read something so great!

Enjoy your weekend 🙂



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