Merry Christmas Eve!


Merry Christmas Eve! I am so excited to be with my family today that I am up at the crack of dawn getting Christmas ready!

However.. before I start with all my Christmas cheer, I have two books that I need to talk about.

Book #1- Jack & Sadie by JB Salsbury

First, I read this book at the beginning of the month and totally forgot to share it with you. I received in my Bookworm Box and loved every minute of it. I cried at one point in this book because the words were written so powerful. Secondly, I loved the characters. You felt what they were feeling and that usually means the book was written very well. This book is definitely a one sitting book, soooo… get comfortable on the couch and enjoy!



Sadie Slade was the love of my life.

I left for college promising her I’d be back in four years.
She stayed behind promising me she’d wait.
We both broke our promises.

When we bump into each other five years later my feelings for her come rushing to the surface.

I want her back.
She wants me gone.

How quickly my Sadie Girl has forgotten—I’ve never been the type of man who accepts defeat.
No matter the cost.

Jack Daniels was my entire life.

Until he wasn’t.
Now he’s back and thinks we should pick up where we left off.

I miss the simplicity of what we had.
I miss how easily we fit together.
Truthfully…I miss him.

But if I allow him to get too close, he’ll see I’m not the same girl he left behind five years ago.
He thinks I’m upset about our break up.
The truth is so much worse. 

Book #2- Engulfng Emma by Samantha Christy

This is the third book in the Men on Fire series and I am happy to announce that I was a winner of this book. I was hoping to find it underneath my Christmas tree however, I won this signed copy of Engulfing Emma and a tote bag from my favorite author, Samantha Christy. And she wished me a Merry Christmas on a Post-It and I put that with the rest of my Christmas cards.

I received this last week and I finished it late last night. ALL of her books always makes me want to keep reading throughout the whole night. But I started early and finished it before bed. I love how something tragic happens in the beginning and then you are put on the edge of your seat throughout the whole book. You just have to read it to understand what I mean. However, there were many times that I wanted to yell at Emma for being so stupid at times. She was driving me nuts!



Single dad. 

On the heels of divorce, Lt. Brett Cash never expected to meet the woman of his dreams. Especially not during a robbery gone bad. 

But just because she’s the woman of his dreams does not mean he’s the man of hers. 

Emma is a child of a 9/11 hero taken far too soon. And she’s not about to let her own daughter go through the same hell she did. 

Not even for … well, let’s face it—the man of her dreams. The last thing Emma Lockhart needs, or wants, is a hero. 

Well my friends.. it is time to start singing Christmas music and boil some eggs. My mom always puts me in charge of Deviled Eggs and I don’t even eat them. Enjoy my book recommendations and have a Merry Christmas!

I will post after Christmas books that I received underneath my Christmas tree!



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