Here comes March!


It was so nice to see you February! I will see you next year! Sheesh… flew right on by us and now it is going to be March. Which means.. get ready for some new, fresh, HOT March releases!

Before I start with the March releases, I wanted to give you a reading update on my end. I have been reading this book for two weeks! I am not sure why it is taking me so long but I have finally finished it.

Violent Delights by Jessica Hawkins

Image result for violent delights by jessica hawkins

3 out of 5 stars

I know you are wondering why I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars because I mainly give most of my books that I read 4 or 5 stars. Here is why:

  • The cover is beautiful. I love every detail which made me want to read this book.
  • The synopsis reeled me right in and I couldn’t wait to pick it up.
  • Now inside the book, I felt like my mind/imagination was all over the place. Like there was too much going on too fast.
  • You meet Natalia who witnessed her mother’s death by Cristiano.  He fled and she is left without her mother. Her dad is a big drug lord and he sends Natalia to California to private school.
  • This is a great story to start with and I can’t wait to see what happens. But…
  • Natalia returns to her father for a few weeks before she heads back and she is in love with Diego (Cristiano’s brother).
  • Here come’s all the information! This happening and that is happening and why is it happening.. I have no idea!
  • Oh wait.. Cristiano comes back and wants Natalia.

Anyways… I will never write anything bad about a book or an author’s work. Although, this is a great story and story line, I just wish it was just a little slower. I wish there was more reasoning. I wish we knew more instead of everything being thrown at me at once. I also just realized that this is the first book in a series. Not sure if I will keep on reading the series, however if I do, then it won’t be right away.

March Releases 

  • The Right Man by Aurora Rose Reynolds 3/3/20
  • Kiss of Vengeance by S. Young 3/3/20
  • **Waiting for my Queen by Georgia Gates 3/3/20
  • Wicked as Sin by Shayla Black 3/3/20
  • The Twin by Natasha Preston 3/3/20
  • Us After You by Claudia Burgoa 3/5/20
  • **Kiss the Stars by A.L. Jackson 3/5/20
  • The Sinful King by Claire Contreras by 3/5/20
  • ** Runaway Road by Devney Perry 3/6/20
  • Beautiful Liar by Lauren Rowe 3/9/20
  • **Enticing Liam by Kristen Proby 3/10/20
  • Creole Kingpin by Meghan March 3/10/20
  • The Trade by Meghan Quinn 3/12/20
  • Reborn Yesterday by Tessa Bailey 3/16/20
  • Lies We Tell by Jeana E. Mann 3/16/20
  • Mating Theory by Skye Warren 3/17/20
  • Southern Chance by Natasha Madison 3/17/20
  • All I Ask by Corinne Michaels 3/17/20
  • Ruin by Willow Aster 3/19/20
  • **Old Fashioned by Kandi Steiner 3/19/20
  • The Honey-Don’t List by Christina Lauren 3/24/20
  • Attracting Aubrey by Avery Flynn 3/24/20
  • Number Neighbors by Emma Hart 3/24/20
  • Easy to Fall by Willow Winter 3/24/20
  • Fate by Helen Hardt 3/31/20
  • The Redemption by Nikki Sloane 3/31/20
  • Dear Enemy by Kristen Callihan 3/31/20
  • A Royal Mistake by Piper Rayne 3/31/20

I can’t wait to get my hands on Runaway Road by Devney Perry. Her stories are always an adventure! And of course… this looks like a road trip adventure!

Image result for runaway road by devney perry


Londyn McCormack didn’t have a typical childhood. She ran away from home at sixteen, escaping parents more interested in drugs than their daughter. She doesn’t have loving siblings or an adorable pet. Her only family is the five other runaway kids who shared her junkyard home. 

Life pulled them all in separate directions, taking her to Boston. For a short time, she thought she’d found something permanent. But after a devastating divorce, she’s running away again, this time to find a lost friend. 
She’s driving across the country in her convertible. As a teenager, the rusty car was her shelter. As an adult, it’s her ride to freedom. 

Except one flat tire derails her trip. Her life collides with Brooks Cohen. They walked away from the first crash. The second might destroy them both.

Let’s look into more of a good ole Southern book with Southern Chance by Natasha Madison!

Image result for southern chance by natasha madison


Buried secrets never stay hidden in the South.

I fell in love with him when I was seven. I scraped my knee, and he helped carry me inside.
Our love story was the talk of the town until a woman told everyone she was pregnant with his baby. The only rational solution was to high tail it out of town and never come back.

My best friend needed a place to hide, and you can’t get much more covert than my family farm, so I came back. For her. It was supposed to be temporary, and I wasn’t supposed to see him, but that’s what happens when you live in a small town where everyone knows each other.

Being the sheriff in a small town was never my dream. My father died and my older brother took off, so I had to be the one to look after my mother. I stayed. I fulfilled my duties as a son and I protected my hometown.

My life wasn’t perfect, but I was content. Until I locked eyes with a ghost from my past, Kallie. I thought it was my imagination, it couldn’t be. I loved her most of my life, but now I hated her.

The town gossip mill was going into overdrive. I kept my head down and my mind off of the woman who shattered my heart when she ran away. She didn’t give me a chance to explain, it didn’t matter to her then. I didn’t matter.

A second chance is never promised, but now that mine is right under my nose, I’m not sure I can take it. 

This sounds juicy!

Baby News Update 

What a change a few weeks can make. I feel like my belly is now a round basketball. The movements are probably the best feeling in the world. Especially, when Eric and I just watch it move at night. It is pretty much the coolest thing ever! The room is still under way. Eric installed a new, bright light for the room. He put together our stroller/car seat and hi-chair. He has been amazing! He is also doing my chores of the house because by night time, I am sleeping or can’t get off the couch! Thank you Eric 🙂 I love you!

Stay posted for more baby news updates and hopefully pictures in the next week or so!

Have a good weekend and remember to keep on reading!



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