Revival on King Street and A Royal Mistake REVIEWS

Happy Monday!

I am the absolute worst when it comes to starting a blog but never finishing it. I started one on Friday about my reading updates. I was currently reading two books but now I finished with them both.

So today, I am bringing you two book reviews!

Revival on King Street by Suzie Webster Revival on King Street: Book #1 Lowcountry Liaisons ...

Review: 4 out of 5 Stars

First, this story has brought back some memories for me. It was nice to hear King Street, Sullivan’s Island, Reds Ice-house on Shem Creek, and the beautiful Ravenel Bridge. It was nice to revisit those places again (even it was in my own imagination). Secondly, I found Suzie Webster on Kandi Steiner’s Instagram page and was immediately drawn to her and of course her books because of where they are based. I couldn’t wait to start reading it!

Again, the book brought me right back to when I lived in Charleston, SC. That made me want to keep on reading and reading to find out more! The book was good but there is lots of details. By details, I mean everything she discussed or described went in full detail for a few pages. So there were times that I did skip just to see where Suzie was going. I loved the outline of the story and of course the romance! If you are looking for a fun, low country book then pick up Revival on King Street by Suzie Webster.


Charlie Finley had an idyllic life. At 23 years old, she was married to her childhood sweetheart, was a successful real estate agent and lived in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. Some days she wondered if she should pinch herself because it was such a dream. But sometimes when things seem too good to be true, they often are, and Charlie’s perfect life came crashing down around her when she walked in on her husband, Joe, on top of his secretary in their bed. Two years later, single and a successful interior designer, Charlie was celebrating the high-profile remodel of her parent’s Bed and Breakfast, Southern Lady Inn, with her two best friends, Everleigh and Chase. The unveiling of the newly refurbished inn was the talk of Charleston high society and all of the movers and shakers were at the party toasting Charlie’s success. Charlie felt like everything was finally clicking for her again, she even had the inside track on a brand-new condominium conversion in the heart of downtown that would take her business, Whimsical Designs to a whole new level. As she slid into one of her parent’s guest rooms to catch her breath and take a break from all the well-meaning guests, she never expected the heart racing encounter that would change everything.

Luke Coleman didn’t care about being Charleston’s most eligible bachelor. His heart and soul belonged to the business he had built with his best friend Ethan and more importantly, to the apartment community they had just acquired in the hottest part of downtown. He had big plans for his little piece of historic Charleston and no one was going to get in the way of his success. Luke loved women and he especially loved to walk away after an evening of mutually satisfying consensual fun. Nearly every mother in Charleston society had tried to throw their beautiful single daughters his way and he had no interest. So when he wandered into one of the guestrooms at the Southern Lady Inn relaunch party, he never expected to have his world rocked by just one kiss. The last thing he was looking for was a complicated relationship, but that was before he laid his eyes on one fiery redhead. Suddenly, both his brand-new project and the heart he worked so hard to protect were at the mercy of Charlotte Finley.

The next book I finished was an ARC of A Royal Mistake by Piper Rayne. The book releases tomorrow- 3/31/20.

A Royal Mistake (The Rooftop Crew #2) by Piper Rayne

Review: 4 out of 4 Stars

This was a fun read for me. At first it started off slow. I wasn’t quite sure where the story was going to go and it just didn’t seem so real to me about a prince moving in with an ordinary girl. But I kept on reading and loved the ending! My emotions were very strong in the end where I had to stop for a second and take a breathier because I was getting emotional. I love that about books!

If you are looking for a fun read that deals with a prince and a not so ordinary fairy tale, then I recommend reading A Royal Mistake. Plus, you get to meet all of Sierra’s fun roommates their fun filled dramas!


He’s not your average Joe from the corner bar.
He’s the heir to the crown.

I should know, I’ve followed him for years. 
Not in a stalkerish way. Magazines and online gossip blogs are fair game when you’re royalty. But I do know every detail about him, down to the brand of boxer briefs he wears. 

All my studying of the man who plays a starring role in my dreams pays off when I win a dinner with him. As if that wasn’t enough, he barters a deal with me that has him moving into my spare guest room.

I forgot that fairy tales don’t exist though because just as I’m about to get everything I want, including the prince, I find out there’s someone in Prince Adrian Marx’s life I don’t know—his fiancée.

I hope you enjoyed my two reviews today. Also, I hope you are staying safe through this pandemic of Covid-19. I know I am starting to go stir crazy however, I am keeping myself entertained by putting the baby room together, building a garden with my husband, and reading.

What is keeping you from not going stir crazy?

I am hoping to get another blog out tomorrow of April releases! I love writing that blog and seeing the upcoming releases!

Stay tuned, stay safe, and keep on reading!



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