Books and Bliss

Good Morning! It has been a little over a week since I given you a blog and it’s because I was busy with personal things. Eric decided to flip our kitchen, Cole was baptized into the Catholic church, and my uncle passed. It has been a long few weeks but I am here to deliver amazing books that I read.

Bane’s Choice by Alyssa Day


It has been so long since I read a vampire story and I am glad I was given the opportunity to read this one! Didn’t realize how much I missed it and how much Bane’s Choice help prove that. If you enjoy vampires and a motorcycle club (which is one of my favorite tropes to read) then this is exactly what you need, especially right before Halloween. I love the fun, charming, sexy, and interesting group of characters. And I love the thrilling ride that Alyssa takes us on! Go grab this fantastic book and give it a ride!

Wrangling the Cowboy by Kennedy Fox

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I believe I always start off my reviews as… it’s another fantastic Kennedy Fox book! I love every single book they write and this one is no different! Especially when it has to do a hot cowboy! In Wrangling the Cowboy, you meet Mazie and Gavin. There love is so steamy! This book was so amazing with all the chills, thrills, and goosebumps! Go grab this book!

House of Dragons by K.A. Linde

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First off.. that cover! Secondly.. WOW! I couldn’t put this book down and that is always a GREAT thing as a reader. This book just sucks your right in! I am a small fan of Fantasy but it has to be a good one. After reading this book with full blooded Fae’s, humans, and half-blooded fae’s and I was hooked! I am not a Fantasy fan! Keep them coming K.A. Linde because this book was written really well and the story line was perfect.

All three of these books were so much fun to read but also so different. 

I hope you enjoy this blog and your Sunday! Time to eat breakfast with my boys! 

Keep on reading!



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