Hello June and July!



Hello 🙂 Welcome to my June/July Newsletter! I totally skipped May Newsletter because there was just so much going on.

As always, welcome to my crazy, hectic blog. I am always posting about romance novels, giving out recommendations, reviews, and upcoming releases. I try to post as much as I can but that depends on my crazy, hectic life.

Wedding will be here in less than two months! And we are officially HOMEOWNERS!

So if you are new to my blog.. WELCOME!

I have been connecting with authors more and it’s so awesome! So my goal for year 2019 is to keep connecting and be more involved with my blog. I will be posting a lot more on my Instagram as well so please please check it out @CuddleMeBooks. I need more followers.

School is almost over so I am hoping to go back to posting three blogs a week. I will have more free time in the evenings!

My Book Club has died down some since moving into my house. I am hoping to have a Book Club party sometime in June at my new house. We read The Selection by Keira Cass and I know the girls just LOVED it!

I know I say it to you time and time again (and I said it last month and the month before that), but THANK YOU for following my blog and enjoying what I LOVE to do. Check back for my blog and May Newsletter for upcoming events and books!

Anyone have anything they would like to see in my future newsletters? Keep me posted and comment!



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